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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike a hypodermic needle, which is hollow, an acupuncture needle is incredibly thin and solid which in turn creates very little sensation upon being inserted. When the needle reaches it intended tissue you may feel a dull, achey sensation which is your body responding to the changes the needle is initiating in the body. This sensation will be temporary. The most common response I get from my patients after their first needle is “oh, thats it?”

Minimal clothing is ideal. Loose fitting shorts and tank top / sports bra for women is great. But if you have to come from work or just forgot to bring clothes to be treated in, no problem. We have shorts and cover ups if needed in the office. 

Working out before is no problem. Sometimes it is helpful because the patient will be reminded of the limitations and sensations of their injury, and it will be fresh in their mind to report it during the history taking part of treatment. Vigorous exercise after treatment is not recommended, but I prefer that the patient stay somewhat active after treatment. Examples of this could be a simple as a leisure walk, gentle stretching/ yoga, swimming, or your rehab exercises. The premise being that we are making changes to you nervous, muscular, fascial and joint systems during treatment, with these changes your brain gets a better opportunity to create lasting change if the body is being moved as opposed to sitting in the couch for the rest of the day. 

This is a tough one to answer because of the number of variables involved: how long has the injury been there, how intense is the pain, your age and general health, your overall lifestyle and sleep quality, all play a factor in determining how treatment goes.

A single treatment is not likely to resolve your issue. Each treatment builds upon the one before (similar to getting in shape).  Usually most issues improve greatly in 5-10 treatments. Some things can go faster or take longer based on the variables above. 

Depending on your injury/ symptoms it may be recommended to get two treatments per week, with other issues once per week will be effective. 

Yes, acupuncture needles are classified as a Class 2 medical device by the FDA. They are sterile and are disposed after one use. 

We do not bill your insurance company directly. You pay for treatment and will be provided a superbill to submit to your insurance company to get personally reimbursed.