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About Jay Palladino

Why Choose To Work With Jay?

I care…A lot! I have been told many times that no one cares what you know unless they know how much you care.

I love my career. I love helping my patients get out of pain and back into the activities that make up a fulfilling life. I love the look of relief when they have a medical provider take the time to listen to their symptoms, address their concerns about their future health and making it a priority to explain to them why they are feeling the way they are.

Pain is a waring signal from the body that something is off.

Sometimes that signal goes away on its own, but when it doesn’t, we need to enlist the help of an expert to navigate our way through it.

I am passionate about treating pain and sports injuries. This is what I live for and one of the things I am constantly striving to learn more about and improve at.

Acupuncture is a comprehensive form of medicine that is beneficial for treating many different issues in the body. Therefore, Acupuncturists are trained in treating a wide range of illnesses from digestive issues, reproductive problems, respiratory problems and post stroke symptoms to name a few.

About Jay Palladino Certified Sports Medicine Acupuncturist

Many acupuncturists treat all of these things, but my sole focus is on pain and sports injuries.

Being certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture®, I have had extensive training in sports medicine above and beyond what most other acupuncturist receive. I have also broadened my treatment and diagnostic skills outside of the field of acupuncture. In my treatments I apply techniques from many other disciplines such as: physical therapy, neurology, chiropractic, structural integration and strength training.

Being a husband, father, business owner and fitness enthusiast I know when I’m in pain all those areas of my life suffer and I can’t perform at my best. I’m sure the same goes for you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page.

I’d love to help.

I currently have the pleasure of working alongside the many talented clinicians at AIM Sports Medicine (www.aimsportsmedicine.com)